Welcome to the hustle and bustle of the city! If you’re looking to dive headfirst into the urban grind and make some cold, hard cash, snagging a city job is your golden ticket. Here’s the lowdown on how to land yourself a gig at one of our fine establishments.

Step 1: City Hall is Your Gateway. Make your way down to City Hall – it’s the majestic building that stands tall, impossible to miss. Once inside, keep your Third Eye peeled for the front desk. You’ll find a friendly face there to ready to assist you.

Step 2: Approach the nice man stationed at the front desk and let him know what brings you in. Your Third Eye will help smooth the process as you communicate your intentions. Need a new identity card because you misplaced yours while embracing the city’s chaos? They’ve got you covered! Want to legally engage in certain activities? Licenses are on the menu. But most importantly, express your eagerness to apply for a city job.

Learn More About City Jobs by Typing /help
while in game.

Explore the city’s farming experience, a unique job opportunity where you can cultivate nature’s bounty and turn it into a profitable venture. Harvest a variety of fruits, gather animal products, and collect essential ingredients to fill the city’s market demand. This job offers a refreshing way to earn cash at your own pace. Sell your produce to other players or contribute to the city’s culinary scene by providing fresh ingredients to the farmer’s market.

Take the wheel of a powerful garbage truck and become the unsung hero of Los Santos by cleaning up its bustling streets. Go about your duties solo or group up with some friends while you take out the trash for Los Santos! Earn a paycheck and some valuable materials as a bonus.

Venture into the heart of the wilderness with the Lumberjack Job in Ocean Drive RP! Embrace the rugged beauty of Los Santos as you become a skilled lumberjack, felling towering trees and processing wood with precision. Channel your inner lumber craftsman and transform raw logs into valuable timber. The journey doesn’t end in the forest—climb into a massive truck and embark on a delivery mission, or sell your lumber to another player.

Become the backbone of Ocean Drive RP by hitting the streets as a delivery driver. Navigate through the city’s bustling avenues, dropping off goods to local businesses along designated routes. Embrace the thrill of the road, earn some sweet cash, and become an essential cog in the city’s economic wheel. It’s not just a job; it’s a fast-paced adventure waiting for you to rev up and roll out.

Take the driver’s seat and become the heartbeat of Ocean Drive as a bus driver. Commandeer a towering vehicle through the city’s arteries, ferrying passengers to their destinations with expertise and finesse. Embrace the rhythm of the city, interact with its diverse denizens, and earn while you traverse its vibrant streets. Joining the ranks of bus drivers isn’t just about transportation; it’s about connecting people, exploring the city’s pulse, and being the driving force behind its daily hustle and bustle.

If you’re interested in more of an “underground hustle” there are plenty of opportunities to stack paper. Chop cars, boost vehicles, try your hand at some illegal agriculture, or get involved in a gang. Just remember it’s not all glitz and glam, the risks are real and the law will be breathing down your neck. Plan your moves, keep your circle tight, and you just might be able to rise to the top of the Ocean Drive underworld and reap some great benefits.

Whitelist Jobs

Ocean Drive offers prestigious whitelist jobs that cater to diverse aspirations. Join the Police Department and uphold law and order, patrolling the streets or conducting high-stakes investigations. For the compassionate souls, EMS beckons, providing an opportunity to save lives and offer critical medical aid. The hospital opens its doors for those with a healing touch, nurturing the sick and injured back to health. And for the entrepreneurial spirits, player-owned businesses await, offering a chance to build empires, from swanky nightclubs to thriving corporations. These whitelist jobs aren’t just roles; they’re pathways to contribute meaningfully to the city’s dynamics and leave an indelible mark on its ever-evolving landscape.

Join the esteemed ranks of the Police Department in Ocean Drive and embark on a journey where every step is a lesson in safeguarding the vibrant streets of Los Santos. From day one, you’ll undergo rigorous training, learning the ropes from seasoned veterans, and understanding the true essence of defending the city’s citizens. It’s not just about wielding a badge; it’s about upholding justice, confronting challenges head-on, and standing as a shield against criminal activity.

*Abuse of these forms will result in a ban.
*Please have a clear operating microphone.

PD Application Dispatch Application

Become a lifeline for Los Santos as part of the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) team. In this pivotal role, you’ll be the beacon of hope, responding to emergencies, and providing critical medical care when every second counts. From administering first aid to stabilizing patients, every action you take as an EMS member contributes to saving lives and offering a glimmer of hope in the city’s most challenging moments. Join the EMS, where your compassion meets action, and your skills become a lifeline for those in need.

*Abuse of this forms will result in a ban.
*Please have a clear operating microphone.

EMS Application

Ready to step into the bustling world of player-owned businesses? Start your journey by reaching out directly to business owners within Ocean Drive. Take the initiative and make contact, expressing your interest in joining their enterprise. Submit a formal application, showcasing your skills, dedication, and enthusiasm for the role you desire. If your application catches their eye, be prepared for an interview where you’ll have the chance to impress and secure your spot within their thriving establishment. Seize the opportunity to kick-start your career in the diverse and exciting realm of player-owned businesses, where every contribution fuels the city’s vibrant economy.